About BTQ

Ballet Theatre Queensland is the state’s premiere independent youth ballet company, providing professional performance opportunities and career pathways to promising young dancers.


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Since its inception in 1937, Ballet Theatre Queensland has continued to provide professionally staged performance opportunities and career pathways for promising Queensland dancers. The company prepares dancers for the professional industry by introducing them to the processes behind the production of a professional ballet, staged in a professional venue and accompanied by a live orchestra. These unique BTQ experiences enhance and accelerate young dancers’ development, working as a complementary program in conjunction and collaboration with their regular training.

Our core values of Inclusivity, Community, Professionalism, Independence and Joy underpin and drive everything we do here at BTQ. We believe strongly in the development of the next generation of dancers, supporting them to build strong, successful careers by fostering confidence, strength of character, diligence and excellence, all whilst supporting their love of ballet. 

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As well as our annual performance season, BTQ also offers a calendar of annual events, including:


Open Day

Invest your time in learning more about Ballet Theatre Queensland and what we offer.

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Repertoire Intensive

Experience training in a fast-paced and high-energy environment to take your skills to the next level.

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Father’s Day Dance Class

Connect during our special annual Father’s Day Dance Class, and brings joy to our young dancers.

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