Live Music Program


Open the ears to the music

In January 2023 Ballet Theatre Queensland (BTQ) performed with a live orchestra for the first time in over 40 years. Although the experience greatly enhances a performance for dancers and audiences alike, it is a rare experience today, except with major ballet companies. Cost is the main factor prohibiting live accompaniment.

It is our mission to continue fulfilling our ongoing dream with performing with a live orchestra, which is a wonderful challenge for the young BTQ dancers, who may not have heard an orchestra play live before. The addition of the orchestra, Cadenza Chamber Players, will also greatly enhance the audience experience.

Live orchestral music for our Sleeping Beauty season will cost $4,500 plus per performance. It is a considerable expense for a company like BTQ that doesn’t receive regular government funding. However, the benefits and value added to our season will far outweigh the costs.

Please help us secure the Cadenza Chamber Players for every performance. Your support will help dreams come true for our young dancers, as the company continues to develop valuable and unique opportunities for talented young dancers of south-east Queensland.

Can you help our young dancers take to the stage?

Please give to Ballet Theatre Queensland’s Live Music Campaign as part of our fundraising for the 2024 Season.

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