Meet the Volunteers: Jacinta



What is your name and who is your child?

My name is Jacinta Volker and my daughter is Caitlin Volker.

How long have you and your child been involved with BTQ?

The production of “The Sleeping Beauty” is Caitlin’s 5th season with BTQ. My involvement with BTQ started when I was a young dancer and also a member of BTQ.

What drew you / your child to audition for BTQ for the first time?

In the years leading up to Caitlin auditioning for BTQ, we had watched a number of BTQ productions and Caitlin always loved the performances. A number of dancers from Caitlin’s dance studio, including one of her cousins, were members of BTQ and we had only ever heard positive stories about their experiences. At a young age, Caitlin was excited by the opportunity to perform beautiful ballets with amazing sets and costumes.

Why has your child returned for multiple seasons of BTQ?

BTQ has had a profound impact on Caitlin. Each year she is exposed to different repertoire and is challenged in different ways. Being able to learn and perform in such a professional and supportive environment is truly valuable. Performance week is always one of the highlights and once the season is over, it feels like Caitlin is counting down the weeks until she can audition for the next season. She has also made many special friendships along the way.

What is your regular job and what does it entail?

My background is in Finance and Accounting, predominantly working in Commercial roles for large corporations. Currently I’m working as a business consultant, assisting clients with financial analysis to support their investment decisions.

As a volunteer for BTQ, what is your role/s and what will you be doing this season?

I am fortunate to be one of the members of the Parent Committee. On rehearsal days, our role is to help set up the studios, supervise the dancers and provide general support to the company staff. During the rehearsal weeks in the September holidays and January, we provide some additional support and assist backstage during performance week at QPAC.

Why do you volunteer to help at BTQ?

Our family love being part of the BTQ community. BTQ has given Caitlin and our family so many enjoyable experiences, and we want to be able to contribute and support this community in return. It is incredibly rewarding to see the young dancers grow in maturity and confidence, from the day they audition through to closing night. I love seeing their excitement when they arrive for rehearsals in the morning, knowing they are working towards something really exceptional.

What’s it like sitting in the audience and watching your child up on the QPAC stage?

Watching Caitlin perform on the QPAC stage can be quite emotional. It’s really special to watch Caitlin shine as she explores different characters, knowing she is doing what she loves with an amazing group of people. You feel immense pride because you know how hard everyone has worked to put the production together. At times you forget you are watching a youth dance company, because the quality of the dancing, choreography, costumes, sets, and lighting, is all so incredible.

Do you feel differently about BTQ and the ballet profession having volunteered behind the scenes?

Volunteering behind the scenes gives you a different insight into BTQ and the profession. I have loved seeing the teamwork shown at all levels, not just between the dancers, but between the various teams of people involved in producing the show. It is really heartwarming to see the BTQ support network in action, particularly side stage and backstage when you see the dancers cheering each other on and raising each other up. I know BTQ has had such a positive impact on Caitlin’s life and will be one of her most treasured experiences.


Dance Mum and Dresser